I love healthy living and giving health advice to my gents at London escorts, is something I am totally addicted to. Not all of them appreciate my little snippets of health advice, but I think at least some of the gents I date at London escorts do. Natural health is my favorite topic and I adore all of my herbal treatments. Many of the herbs I use are also spices so not only do I know how to make your life more spicy with food, I can make your life hotter from a health point of view as well.

Ginger is one of my favorite spices. You can find it in a lot of exotic foods, and it is an essential part of Thai cooking. But did you know it is really good when it comes to treating arthritis? One of the more senior gents I date at London escorts use to suffer from really bad arthritis in his joints. I told him to add some ginger to his food. When we met up at a London escorts business function a couple of weeks later, he looked the picture of health and told me he felt much better. Not only was his arthritis better, but other parts of him seemed to have been revived as well.

Another one of my favorite London escorts gents had a huge issue with erectile dysfunction after a prostate infection. Interestingly enough he was a gent who did not eat a lot of spicy food at all. I told him that one of the best foods you can help if you have prostate problems, is Indian food. He seemed a bit surprised, but it is true. Indian food contains a lot of spices with anti-inflammatory actions. One of the problems behind erectile dysfunction is inflammation, and spices such as turmeric can certainly help. When I met up with my London escorts gents a couple of weeks later, he said his health problem was a lot better.

Garlic is another spice we still underestimate. I have always loved it so I eat a lot of it. Cellulite is an issue for many of the girls at London escorts. The girls keep buying all sorts of expensive lotions and potions, but they may not work. If you add garlic to your diet, you will find your circulation will improve. Does it make your skin smell? Personally I don’t think it makes your skin smell, but don’t eat garlic before you kiss the man in your life.

We so often forget that herbs are spices as well. When I start talking about it, most of my London escorts friends are very surprised. But the same herbs which can spice up your food, can indeed spice up your life. Start adding some more spices to your diet, and you will soon notice the difference. If you exercise a lot, and feel your recovery period is too long, ginger is your best friend. It increases micro- circulation and we all know micro-circulation is important to gents as well….

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Food
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