I stared at the ceiling, listening to the traffic outside of my large window. I was reminded about one of my worst experiences with a client. When the phone rang I was in the middle of working out. I was half tempted not to answer, but I was bored. So on the second ring, I grabbed it and answered with my traditional cheerful voice. They say enthusiasm is difficult to fake, but for escorts in London it becomes habit.
I scribbled down an address and a name on a notepad, double checked the details and hung up the phone. Seven o’clock. That wouldn’t be too difficult to do. Being in my profession, promptness and professionalism are a must. Like with most business men and women, London escorts come with an aura of professionalism accompanied with a fabulous sense of style and impeccable demeanor. Your goal is to keep your client happy by being eye candy to any function they take you to. By the time I had my first client, I had been one of the escorts in London for five months. But with my experience, escorts in London are some of the most gorgeous, and intelligent women I have ever met. Most of them are trying to pave their future before their feet.
I was blessed with being a naturally blonde, blue-eyed bombshell. Being that I have a degree in history, from what my boss tells me, I am one of the best London escorts in our corporation. When six o’clock came around, I was finally dressed and had just put on my expensive black pumps to accompany my sequined dress. I took an Uber to the hotel where I was supposed to meet my client. When I arrived I entered the hotel and proceeded to the restaurant where I took a comfy, leather seat at the bar. For London escorts, writing details about a client before meeting them is essential.
My client and I spent the evening listening to jazz music and discussing typical topics you would not normally talk about, like religion and politics. For escorts in London, we abide by the general rule of thumb of never speaking about topics that would upset our clients, but if they lead into the conversation it is not off the table. As my client escorted me outside when our meeting was near over, I pulled a pack of cigarettes from my bag and proceeded to light one. His whole demeanor changed, and I could tell he was disgusted which did not make sense because he was smoking inside of the bar. He then proceeded to yell obscenities at me, most of which was directed at how unhealthy and ugly smoking was. I felt genuinely embarrassed and tried to put it out on the tray above the trashcan on the sidewalk, but he would not have it. He spat on the ground in front of my expensive shoes, refused to ever call on me again or pay for our time and walked away. That was the last time I let someone pay after.

Smoking Is Not Sexy
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