Do you get days when you feel like you are starring in a soap opera? Ever since I joined London escorts, I have felt like I have been in a soap opera. As I work for a top London escorts service, I can’t really say that it is like East Enders, but life can certainly be very dramatic when you work for a London escorts service. That does not mean I don’t enjoy it. I do enjoy it very much, but by the time Friday night comes around, I am normally exhausted. When you work for a London escorts service, you meet all sorts of characters. Honestly I think that I could write a book about my work at London escorts. Most of the gentlemen I date are real eccentrics and you can certainly understand why they are into booking escorts in London.

I am not sure that they would make such good marriage material although I have to admit that some of my dates are probably married but have not told me about their “true status” as I like to say. I never really intended to end up working for a London escorts agency. It is something that I sort of drifted into. Am I glad that I work for London escorts? Yes, I am glad that I work for an escort agency. I really could not imagine myself doing any other job. Sure, there are other jobs around in London, but I have this feeling that I would get seriously bored and end up pressing all of my self destruct buttons at once. I really do have a lot of fun at work. What are the best bits about working for a London escorts?

It may surprise a lot of people, but a lot of girls like me who have experience of escorting in London, probably make a lot more money than the average girl. I don’t consider it a perk of the job, but you are certainly spoiled when you are good at escorting. During my time with this particular escort agency, I have received some fantastic gifts, and most weeks my tips from escorting do cover my daily living expenses. That would probably not happen in any other job in London. Do I know any of my dates personally? I do know some of my dates personally, but I would not say that all The girls do so. Most of the girls who work for agencies in London do not stick around long enough to get to know their dates a bit better. It is a bit of a crazy world, and girls tend to come and go quickly. I think that you have got what it takes to do this job, or you do not have what it takes. It is really as simple as that. I think that I will have a very hard time giving up the upside and down world which is our life. It has sort of become part of my life.

My Life is Like a Soap Opera
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