I would probably travel across the seas and even if it will be a million miles just to see my favourite London escort. She and I have been grown fun of each other and I do not want her to ever leave by my side at all times. I always have fun when I am with this London escort. She makes me feel like an important person and I do feel inclined to repay her kindness towards me. I know that my life have not been well since I have been dumped by my girlfriend but I am also appreciative about what has all happen in my life. Because of it I had found peace with a beautiful and kind London escort. She and I have a very special bond but we both now that we will not get into a relationship .we love each other deeply but we also do not want to complicate each other’s lives. I am alright with giving this London escort all the freedom she deserves. No matter what people ask of me I am sure that things would be better for me next time. I know that in the past things might have been a bit shaky between the both of us but it’s alright. I know that my love for this London escort is strong but I also want to give this lady all the freedom that she wants. we both had terrible experiences in our previous relationships and the only way for us to recover all the wasted time that we had is to enjoy life and do not commit easily like we have done before.

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This London escort always makes me very comfortable under my own skin. It’s one of the things that made me fall in love with this woman deeply. I know that there might have been a lot of problems in the past considering what we had to go through but it’s alright. I know that my life with this woman is still very precious to me and I do not want anything to happen that would stop us from seeing each other anymore. I know that my life is such a good place right now especially when I decided to continually see this London escort. It’s like she is my cure to the illness I have been suffering, I know that my life would have turn out negatively if I had not meet this lady. I do not want to do anything rash that could complicate both of our lives that’s why from now on I will only dedicate my time with her with trying to have fun .we both know that our normal lives is full of stress that is slowly deteriorating our health. Being with this London escort makes me sane. She is my one escape to the cruel reality that I am living in. I do not want to do anything that would make me feel miserable.

I want to dedicate my life with a London escort.
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