As hard as it may be to understand, she-males have also been having great sex over the years. In fact, they have been enjoying it the same way other people with ‘normal’ sex organs enjoy sex. So if you are attracted to a she-male, here is what you need to do to give her the greatest sexual experience.

She-males enjoy sex two times more than the normal woman would enjoy. The first pleasure is emotional. Just like any other woman would feel, she-males feel great when a man treats them good. Some people consider them the special ones since they have everything a woman has plus a dick. Giving her the attention and knowing how to please her as a woman really turns her on.

The other pleasure a she-male gets is physical. Since she has no pussy, she will want you to give her the greatest anal fuck ever. This gives a she-male orgasm and makes her feel like a real woman. However, just like vaginal sex, anal sex also needs preparation in order to feel good. Here is how you can help her to enjoy anal sex.

She should be washed properly and perfumed if need be to encourage oral sex. Leaking is a great way to get her prepared. Saliva also works as a lubrication and can be a great way to ease penetration. If leaking is not enough lubrication, try out lubricants specifically meant for anal sex. Since anal sex doesn’t produce the natural lubrication you would get from vaginal sex, making the anus wet will make the sex more enjoyable. If you don’t mind using a condom, then you can try it out since it is lubricated. Using a condom is important if you want to minimize the chance of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases).

Using sex toys also acts as a stimulant. You can actually increase the pleasure by incorporating sex toys in your fuck before and during the session. She-males (as well as anyone who enjoys anal sex) love their assholes stretched. Stretching the anus first makes penetration with a penis much easier and more pleasurable.

Anal sex can take place in much of the same positions as traditional sex; side by side is the easiest, but doggie style is also a favorite. Sex can also take place one on top of the other; it all depends on what you want to experience.

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How To Satisfy A She-Male
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