In the past I have been always worried about my status. I have been single for a very long time and I am not a young man anymore. I am afraid that I can never find someone who wants to spend the rest of her life with me because I am already in my advanced age. All of the people around me are getting married while I still stayed single. But it is not always a ban thing if you single like me. There are also many perks of being single like freedom. We only appreciate what we have after we lost it. I learned after a while to accept my situation and learn to love it.


Here are some of the reason why I love being single. Through the years I have learned that there are a lot more things that are worse than being a single man. When you see other people who got divorced and have their lives ruined by their marriage. There are also a lot of people who got cheated my their wives or girlfriends. To be honest it’s always made me very thankful about my situation when I discovered about women who cheats on their man. I do not need to experience that in order for me to know how it feels. Its very humiliating and hurtful I am sure of that. Being single also allows you to grow as a person without anyone holding you back.


You can still be a great person even if you are not with someone. The only thing that you have to be strong about is the society. It always judges individuals who stay single and unmarried. It thinks that people who do not find themselves an individual to spend their lives together a strange and weird thing. Which is very far from the truth in my opinion? If you are single, you can also recognize the person who you want to be much faster than a person who is in a relationship. You can learn to be comfortable with loneliness. It’s not always a bad thing to be alone. It helps us think clearly focus on the things that really matter to us.


People do not understand that being alone is a choice of an individual. It’s a decision that they consciously make. They prefer to live their lives as a free man. They do not have the responsibility of having a child and sending him to school. Having no wife also means there are no expectation that is being put on yourself, no nagging and fights no worries at all. Being single means that you have all the time in the world to do the things that makes your happy the most. For example playing basketball all the time or doing recreational sports.


You have the freedom to put all your time and effort to the career you have chosen. People might judge single individuals but the truth is there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe they are judging is because of jealousy. There are more and more people who is continually learning that being single is much more fun than being tied up with a person. I am also free to book Walthamstow escorts whenever I want to. Walthamstow escorts is one of my perks of being single. I do not have any problem with being single because there are Walthamstow escorts from

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