Do you have a bootie call arrangement? So-called bootie call arrangements are now so popular all across London that I think it is about time we set some ground rules. Take a little closer look at your bootie call arrangement and you will soon notice that it resembles a relationship in many different ways. For instance, you may go out together and eat. Who pays for that meal? I am in a bootie call arrangement with a guy who works for a male London escorts agency. Although we get on great, we do have some ground rules.

It is important to make sure that one partner does not end up paying for everything in the relationship. I have been in relationships with men who have expected me to pay for everything as they think that I earn more money than they do. It is probably true that most London escorts earn pretty good money, but what we must all appreciate is that we all have commitments. Just like the other girls at this London escorts, I have to spend rather a lot of money looking after myself. The same goes for male London escorts.

Should you meet up on a fixed night of the week? If you bootie call works for another London escorts agency, it could be tough. As I said, my bootie call works for a male London escorts agency. That is not a problem, but the funny thing is that male London escorts are rather busy during the weekend. Female London escorts tend to work mainly from Monday to Friday. This means that you need to be prepared to plan when you are going to meet up.

Should you be loyal to each other? Although I don’t have an issue with my bootie call seeing other people, I would like to know if he is doing so. I think that being exclusive is pretty important when you are involved in a bootie call relationship. If you do want to see someone else, I think that you should tell the other person. After all, many of us who are involved in bootie calls do end up having feelings for each other.

What about going on holiday together? I try to take as many holidays as I can from London escorts to refresh myself. Sometimes I just need to take a break to refresh myself. Going on holiday on your own is no fun, but it could be fun with your booty call. Once again, this is something that you really need to agree on. There are so many things that you should talk about, and it could be a good idea to have some sort of relationship agreement. Put it down in words and make sure that you are both happy with the final arrangement before you sign.

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Bootie Call Ground Rules 101
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